Acquire Real Estate Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding & Investing Sites


Acquire Real Estate is one of the leading real estate crowdfunding website in the US. Like other crowdfunding websites, Acquire came into existence only after the 2012 JOBS act was approved by the congress. The 2012 JOBS act made it possible to start online crowdfunding portals where people can co-invest in projects. Acquire allows accredited investors to invest in premium real estate properties using their platform.

Acquire team has more than 80 years of real estate industry experience. Real estate market is ever changing and witness different cycles. Sometimes they go up rapidly in one area while others show low rate in appreciation. It becomes difficult to track the market trends and observe its behavior. But with such experience, it becomes an everyday job and these guys become an expert in their domains.

The investors can start with as little as $10,000 into pre-screened, institutional quality real estate opportunities via an online portal. Investing directly in real estate opportunities was never this easy, you can log into the portal of Acquire from anywhere around the world and start investing with them.

It is very easy to invest in Acquire real estate. You start by signing up with them and create an account on their portal. Then you create an investor's profile which is treated like a passport to the world of online investing. Once your account is created and profile completed, it is only a matter of minutes before your first investment is completed. To invest on their platform, you start with exploring the best opportunity for you. To help you make the best decision, Acquire provides all the information related to the investment opportunity the investor is interested in. This allows the investor to perform their own due diligence on the property they are interested in. Once you have selected the opportunity you want to invest into, Acquire will help you in completing the transaction within a minute. This includes securely signing subscription documents and transferring funds. Acquire Real Estate allows you to manage your portfolio easily on their online dashboard. It's easy to manage, review updates and monitor your investments. As you investment distributes funds to the investor, you will see any profits accumulate right in the dashboard.

Acquire Investment Options and Special Features

Acquire Real Estate began with a full proof plan: Gather the best people from the industry, make a sound, long-term investment decisions, and only the highest quality of investment.

Acquire doesn't just raise money from the investors to invest in the best real estate deals across the US. They also pre-fund all the deals that are available on their platform. Acquire perform their own background checks and due diligence on the deals that are applied by the sponsors. Acquire put all of their funds up front in the deals because they believe in the investments that are offered through their platform. All the sponsors that are associated with Acquire real estate for a long time, love their way of doing business as they always show up with a cheque in their hand with full payment in advance. This Pre-funding makes the investors feel that they are con-investing with Acquire which is true and creates a better relationship with them.

Acquire hand selects the sponsors they work with. The sponsors that Acquire believes are the best in the industry are allowed to get funding through Acquire Real Estates platform. In addition to a long history of successful deals, and excellent track record and consistent returns are required from a sponsor. Like the leading team of Acquire, the sponsors have also weathered through economic storms. These sponsors have typically a minimum of $200 Million under management, at least 10 years of experience and a history of good and consistent returns.

Acquire invests in all classes on real estate, from multi family homes to offices, industrial and hotel, but all the properties they invest into are top-tier properties run by nationally recognized sponsors. Acquire focuses on cash flowing real estate investments as they can provide care and institutional quality investment to the investors which produce good quarterly returns. Acquire invest only in those properties which are underwritten properly and run by conservative operators with experience and appropriate knowledge to run such properties.

Acquire investors exchange is a groundbreaking breakthrough which makes an illiquid market liquefy. The commercial real estate market generally requires large investments with longer terms. This freezes the money of the investors for a longer period of time. This illiquid behavior of the commercial real estate market makes it difficult for everyone to invest in it. Acquire created 'Acquire investors exchange' which is their in-house technology automation the entire exchange process, creating seamless online transfer and affording an outlet or liquidity with formerly long-term, illiquid investments.

Acquire can also help you in retirement investing, you can put your retirement savings to work for you in a commercial real estate market with Acquire's self-driven IRA feature. Acquire real estate have integrated their platform with Midlands IRA which a recognized leader in self-directed IRA industry. Acquire can automate the investing of your funds in commercial real estate market which is tax-free. While you enjoy your retirement, Acquire IRA system makes money for you.


Acquire Past Investment Opportunities


Requirements to Sign up For Acquire

  1. You start by creating an account and setting up the password.
  2. Then you have to provide you basic details such as address, phone number, DOB etc.
  3. After setting up your profile you can view the investments available on the platform of Acquire Real Estate
  4. In order to start investing with them, you to provide proof of being an accredited investor.
  5. Once your verification of accreditation is done, you are good to start investing with Acquire Real Estate