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CapitalRise Review

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    CapitalRise Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding & Investing Sites

    Real estate has been one of the best performing asset classes to invest into. The historical performance of real estate assets has outclassed stock market in some scenarios. Earlier it was very difficult for an everyday investor to get their hands on such investments. Real estate investments usually require large capital for longer terms which makes it very difficult to be available for everyday investor. The only option people had to enjoy to benefits of this asset class is by investing with REITs or funds.

    CapitalRise was set up with a clear goal to disrupt the real estate investment market using the most advanced technology and highly experienced team. CapitalRise provides the best real estate opportunities which were earlier not available to everyday investors, these opportunities are the finest quality and excellent returns. By eliminating the middlemen, CapitalRise creates a higher return on the capital employed. The team of CapitalRise has more than 75 years of total experience in direct real estate investment experience between them. CapitalRise's team find only the best and finest real estate investment opportunities in the UK and provide them with their platform for investment. Before putting up these opportunities on their marketplace, CapitalRise's perform their stringent and detailed due diligence and assessment process. Only the best and finest deals pass this test and are made available to the investors on CapitalRise.

    CapitalRise invests their own money alongside yours. This puts them in a position where they can ask the investors to trust in their investment selection and co-invest with CapitalRise on the projects. This demonstrates how confident CapitalRise are for the opportunities they make available in their marketplace.

    CapitalRise provides investment opportunities for real estate in the UK but the allow investors from any country to invest in their projects allowing US citizens to actively ripe benefits from growing real estate market of UK.


    CapitalRise Investment Options and Special Features

    CapitalRise provides exclusive access to invest directly into high-quality property assets that were previously available only to institutions and wealthy individuals. This creates a marketplace where the best deals are available for everyday investors and creating equal opportunities for everyone. CapitalRise does not charge any fees from the investors, they instead charge the developer a fee. This a major plus point in terms of investors peace of mind, as they do not have worry about any hidden charges or fees, they can just invest and enjoy the benefits of investing real estate assets.

    CapitalRise creates a completely transparent environment for investments. CapitalRise takes certain documents and information from the borrower to perform their due diligence on the project. CapitalRise makes these documents and information available for all the interested investors to allow them to perform their own due diligence on the property they are interested to invest in. This transparent environment not only benefit CapitalRise and investors, but they also benefit the developers as they can create better relationships with their investors. CapitalRise believes in all the deals they select, which is why the founders of CapitalRise always invest their own money alongside yours.

    All the investments opportunities available in the marketplace of CapitalRise are passed through a strict due diligence process performed by CapitalRise's team. They focus on 4 key areas during this process:

    1. Developers: CapitalRise believes that people are the vital ingredient that makes a project successful. They analyze the developer's track record, their historical financial performance and review all the key management and staff to ensure they have the right experience and creditworthiness to ensure they can be trusted with your money.
    2. The Property: Once the developer passes the test, CapitalRise's team delve themselves into reviewing the property itself. This includes an in depth analysis of the property’s location and surrounding area. Detailed reviews of market demand for the project being proposed, including analysis of comparative property data and historical sales/lettings in the area.
    3. The Business Plan: Once the first 2 tests are passed by the developer and the property, CapitalRise's review the business plan proposed by the developer. The review what the developer wants to do with the property, does the plan makes sense? can the developer achieve the return as expected from the investment? and many other admissible factors are being examined.
    4. Financials: The final test focus on the numbers involved in the project. They perform an extensive analysis using previously successful models to analyze that the working capital would be able to generate the expected return on the capital employed.

    CapitalRise Performance


    As you can see from the graph above, real estate assets have outperformed stocks and bonds in terms of the returns earned on the investment made. If you invested equal amount on money in stocks, real estate, and GILTS back in 2000, then you would have seen a 206% increase in UK property compared to 31% in GILTS and 4% in FTSE100 shares.


    CapitalRise Past Investment Opportunities


    All the investment available on the marketplace of CapitalRise consists of extensive details about the investment. They provide details such as

    - Investment Summary, containing details about the developer, location, project, pricing, and protection.
    - Investment highlight, containing details related to numbers.
    - Each investment is highlighted with a dedicated video which helps the investor make up their mind.
    - Return calculator, which helps you predict the expected return.
    - Detailed information on Investment structure, Risks involved and the developer.



    Requirements to Sign up For CapitalRise

    1. You start by creating an account on their platform and setting up a password.
    2. Then you have to provide your basic contact details and other important information such as DOB.
    3. CapitalRise can accept only those applications for those customers who hold a UK bank account registered in their name.
    4. Then you need to provide your taxpayer ID number.
    5. Once you provide all the details and link your bank account with them, you are good to go and start investing with CapitalRise.