Personal Capital Review: Get to know your money

Fees 0.49%-0.89% Per Year
Minimum Investment $1,000
Types of Accounts available Tax savings, etc.
Advisor type Robotic + Human(Optional)
Asset Under Management More than $1.5 Billions
Access Computer, IOS and Android

Personal Capital is one of those companies who believe in the power of technology to change the financial industry. Making it much more accessible, affordable, and honest for the investors. Personal Capital is a company which has entered the Robo-Advisors industry with a mission to change the way people invest and they believe in the power of people to change the nature of investment advice. Personal Capital believes the investment pieces of advice must be more transparent, objective and personal.

The founder of Personal Capital have one goal in mind and that is to build a better money management experience for the customers. Managing money should be easy and effective. That's is why they are blending the latest technology with the objective of giving best financial advice. This will allow Personal Capital to empower individuals to manage their money much more effectively.

Personal Capital has more than 1.5 Million registered users, $400 billion tracked accounts and $5 billion assets under management, which proves how good they are in what they do.

Best Features of Personal Capital

Continuing the goal founders have aimed for, Personal Capital has one of the most sophisticated technology-enabled tools on their platform. Their free financial software allows you to easily manage your entire financial life in one secure place. In this section, we will mostly discuss the amazing tools that are available with Personal Capital.

Fee Analyzer-

When you invest in mutual funds, retirement accounts or other asset classes, the financial institution charge annual fees also known as custodial fees, inactivity fees, or 12b-1 Fees. These fees could result in you losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in hidden fees. Over a period of time, these fees and hidden charges dramatically have a significant impact on your retirement savings.

Fee Analyzer tool allows you to see the impact of hidden fees on your retirement account and other investments. You will also get real insights into the performance of the most popular mutual funds allowing you to have a deeper understanding of them.

Investment Checkup

This tool allows checking how well your investments are performing and how they can do better. Investment checkup tools analyze your current portfolio allocation with what is the ideal targeted portfolio allocation of your fund. The ideal portfolio should be able to minimize risk and maximize the returns on the investment.

You access the risk involved in your current portfolio allocation and compare it to your targeted portfolio. The tool suggests you about the risks involved with your current investment and how your ideal portfolio allocation must look like. After this the tool allows you to derive a target allocation of funds that is the optimal blend of asset classes to achieve a given risk-adjusted return. This tools also allows you to investigate how your portfolio would have performed in the past.

Retirement Planner

Retirement planning is one of those things which have to be well planned, well executed and well monitored. Personal Capital’s retirement planner is one the most sophisticated, realistic retirement planning tool, and it is available for free after joining Personal Capital. This tool helps you analyze your current standing in terms of your retirement plans and what would be the best way to build, manage and forecast your retirement plan. This tool allows you to plan everything at one location.

The Retirement Planner of Personal Capital has many impressive factors in it. It allows you to use your actual financial data from the accounts that you will link with Personal Capital dashboard. It will allow you to assess your readiness for your retirement. You can add big future expenses in the system so it can modify its approach accordingly. It also allows you to add income events which optimize the results to a much better level.


When it comes to online money management or investment platforms, security is one of the main concern of any investor. Personal Capital know this very well and they have designed their system giving the highest priority to keeping your financial data safe and secure. They have created multiple layers of security which maximizes the effectiveness of the systems they have put in place.

Personal Capital uses AES-256 data encryption with multi-layer management, they follow strict internal access control which restricts any individual at Personal Capital to access your credentials. Personal Capital has also implemented certain techniques to ensure fraud detection and use the most advanced measures to ensure authentic account access.

Services provided by Personal Capital

The services offered by Personal Capital mostly covers Wealth Management where they offer both tools and financial advisory services. We have already covered the tools that are available with Personal Capital and in this section, we will discuss the other services offered by Personal Capital.

Investment Strategy

Personal Capital build their investment methodology upon sector and style weighting, risk minimization and tax optimization. Adding your preferences into the account, Personal Capital will build a unique portfolio based on your aspirations and requirements.

Personal Capital will forecast help in forecasting the future of investments through their retirement planner and help identify the optimal approach that meets your financial needs. Personal Capital will the tailor your portfolio strategy based on your present financial situation and to your level of risk tolerance. Personal Capital will stand by your side and help you build an investment plan that is both cost- and tax-efficient.


Personal Capital provides a unique feature where they will provide you a unique combination of both innovative tools and registered experienced financial advisors to help you manage your financial life with confidence. The advisors at Personal Capital deliver custom investment strategies, they will always act in your best financial interest and help you spot hidden fees. They will Optimize risk and return on your behalf, Facilitate tax optimization and Provide investment advice when and where you need it.

Private Clients

Personal Capital provides private client service for high net worth individuals and families who want a robust financial plan and portfolio management to meet their lifestyle goals. Personal Capital's private client services will provide you with convenient private banking services which will give ease of banking through exclusive products. You will get Greater Customization & Flexibility which means larger concentrated positions and illiquid holdings to ensure your overall financial picture is optimized. They will act as your Your Objective Financial Quarterback taking on the central coordination role on your behalf saving you time.

Summary: Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a financial software which is free to use, which makes it very attractable. Their personal finance app is currently the best online service to monitor your portfolio. Their powerful investment checkup helps in creating the best investment plan for free. It is easy to use and have a great reporting system.