Rich Uncles was founded to make real estate investment easier and less expensive. Rich Uncle we ran by real Rich Uncles who have plenty of experience in Real Estate investment.

Rich Uncles is an online platform for investors to buy shares in Real Uncle owned real estate across the nation. Rich Uncles portfolios contain single-tenant commercial property REIT, which is known as Rich Uncles NNN REIT. Rich Uncles give away these properties on lease to verified tenants and the monthly rent collected from them is distributed to the shareholders monthly as dividend income.

Ray Wirta a Founding Investor at Rich Uncle is the chairman of CBRE Group, Inc(NYSE: CBG), a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company that is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm with 2015 revenues of $11 billion. Harold Hofer, Chief Executive Officer at Rich Uncles is responsible for the overall direction of Rich Uncles. Harold is a master real estate investor with more than $2 billion in transactional experience. Howard Makler, president at Rich Uncles is in charge of tech, investor relations, and marketing for rich Uncles. Howard is a successful entrepreneur and has created a business in commercial real estate, renewable energy, and computer gaming. With Rich Uncles who have such enriching experience in their hand is one of the most trusted stewards of investors.

Rich Uncles Special Features

Rich Uncles believes in their commitment towards every investor that invest with them. Their REITs are required to have audited financials and to pay at least 90% of their income in the form of shareholder dividends. The Uncles at Rich Uncles understand the gravity of responsibility towards the investors and they take it very seriously.

Rich Uncles REIT has a share redemption program which can be accessed through your online account on their platform. Rich Uncles allows you to sell your shares back to them. This program was started to fill a product demand in the market which did not follow ebb and flow of the traditional stock market but still offered a respectable level of liquidity which is unmatched by commercial real estate. Rich Uncles gave the market a model which brought liquidity to the commercial real estate.

Rich Uncles NNN REIT are available to residents of: CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MT, NH, NV, NY, SD, TX, UT, VT, WI, WY. Rich Uncles is run by experienced investors and in order to reduce their mortgage debt, Rich Uncles buy properties with 50% cash down payment giving them 50% cash equity in all of their properties.

Rich Uncles doesn’t charge you with any brokers commissions or investors fees. They also provide you with the option of Dividend Reinvestment, where you can choose to reinvest your monthly dividend back with Rich Uncles for better long term returns. Rich Uncles buy only those properties where tenants are responsible for paying all property-related expenses, including taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

Rich Uncles Investment Portfolio Strategy

Rich Uncles portfolios are mostly composed of commercial real estate. Their properties are leased by retails businesses, such as gas stations, drugstores, and grocery stores. All of their properties generate monthly revenue in the form of rent paid by the tenants. 

Rich Uncles Historical Performance 

Rich Uncles believes that if you invest $10,000 on their platform with all the monthly dividend being reinvested for 5 years. With an approximate return of 8.5% annually, you should expect a return of $15,652 at the end of 5 years.

Their annual NNN REIT report shows how the value of assets grows and how they are able to create money for the investors.

Rich Uncles Past Investments

Rich Unlces: Requirements to Join 

In order to signup and start investing with Rich Uncles, you need to First create an account for Rich Uncles which will require your basic information.

The second step is to start investing. In this step, you would be required to setup your NNN Investment Account. You have to choose the type of ownership you would like to have for your investment account. You choose between Retirement, Individual, Trust, Entity, and Joint depending upon your requirement. If you are not sure which one is most suitable for your requirement, then you can refer to Rich Uncles guide.

The third step, choose the amount you want to invest and at this step, you can schedule automatic investments into Rich Uncles depending upon your will. At this step, you can choose if you want your monthly dividend to be paid out in cash or reinvested.

In the Fourth step, you need to fill in your basic details along with your social security number and other important details. The fifth step consists of small questionnaire which hold no special interest. Step sixth is reviewing the form and in the last step you just need to transfer the money and you are good to go.