Small Change Review: Real Estate Crowdfunding & Investing Sites

When 2012 JOBS act was passed by the Congress many real estate crowdfunding website came into existence. Almost all of them have the money making at their core, and that is how most of the investors think. The most important parameters for the investors are the risk factor, expected return and term of the investment. There is no doubt in the fact that the investors have the freedom to invest in commercial real estate or residential or industrial etc. and they can impact the society by making investments in the most effective manner. But there is no such platform which helps you invest directly in those real estate investments which impact the society in the best way.

Small Change is one such platform where you get to invest in hand selected investments which are called as socially responsible investments. Small Change is a socially responsible real estate crowdfunding platform, which features those real estate projects the Small Change believes have the potential to transform the cities for the better. Developers come to Small Change with their project details and Small Change perform all the background checks and due diligence on them to ensure they are good enough deals to be presented to the investors. The investors can then select the property they want to invest in and Small Change will help them in completing the transaction. You can then sit back and enjoy the returns received from the investment.

Small Change has a smart and brilliant team behind the idea and execution of their work. Eve Picker(Founder & CEO, Small Change) has a background as an architect, city planner, urban designer, real estate developer, community development strategist, publisher and instigator came up with the idea of Small Change to help funding transformation real estate projects.

Small Change Investment Options and Special Features

Small Change offers a variety of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects with investment terms ranging around 1-3 years long. This diversity in available options to invest into provides investors the best opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio. It would be difficult to find projects with such small terms when compared to investments on other portals, which is possible here due to the type of projects available with Small Change. These shorter terms on investment is a plus point for the investors as they do not block their funds in a project for longer durations.

As it is witnessed with other real estate crowdfunding platforms, Small Change doesn't charge any fees from the investors. They are often tied up in a profit sharing system with the sponsors which cover all their expenses incurred at the end of Small Change.

Small Change is a relatively small and new platform when compared with the big shots of real estate crowdfunding marketplace. Since Small Change works only on those projects which help society to grow in a better way, the number of projects coming on their platform is low, which results in lack of options. So if you do not like any project available on their platform, you might have to wait a while for something that suits you come up on their platform.

Small Change provides investment opportunities to both non-accredited and accredited investors. Non-accredited investors are provided with opportunities through Reg CF which comes under the direct regulation of SEC rulings. All the sponsors that provide a Reg CF investment opportunity might have gone through the background checks and due diligence performed by SEC and Small Change respectively. This is to make sure that the investors previously earned money is going into a safe hand. Many of the sponsors on Small Change's platform do not have any strong history of working as real estate sponsors/developers and information related to their background is made available on the platform of Small Change. The investors ask questions to the sponsors on the platform of Small Change and can view their answers to the previously asked questions.

Small Change Past Investment Opportunities

Requirements to Sign up For Small Change

  1. You start by creating your account by providing your name and email ID. Setting up the password is the most important here.
  2. A verification email will be sent to you by Small Change
  3. After clicking the verification link you will be directed back to the website of Small Change
  4. After Login in to your account, you need to enter your phone number.
  5. A verification code will be sent to your contact number
  6. After the verification process is done, you will need to setup your investors profile to start investing with Small Change
  7. You can now invest in non-accredited investment by adding funds into your account.
  8. To invest in accredited investment you to verify your accreditation to small change.